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The Ibarra Family

Lupita Ibarra was born in Sonora, Mexico and at the age of 21 she came to the United States. Eight years ago her husband passed away. Now, Lupita and her son, Arturo, 25, share a two-bedroom and  two-bathroom mobile home.

Lupita is currently attending the University of Phoenix and will be graduating with a B.A. in Human Services in November.

“That was always our dream, that they get a degree and have a better life,” Lupita said.  “Being the only one working is not easy to do. I needed a better place to stay, a real house, it’s so cold in the winter.”

“This is the first time I am going to be a homeowner. I am looking forward to this experience,” Lupita said.

Lupita is also looking forward to sharing her home with family, including her oldest son and daughter who live in Los Angeles.

“I helped my kids grow up, so to have a place where they can come to spend time is great . I can also help my mother, she currently lives with my sister because I just have no space for her,” Lupita shared.

After her home is built Lupita would like to help others and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Tucson as a Family Partner.

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