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The Herrera Family

Rebeca Herrera and her one-year-old daughter Zuli, currently share a two-bedroom, one-bath duplex.

Rebeca was hesitant about applying for a Habitat home. “At first, before I had my daughter, I didn’t think I would qualify,” Rebeca said, but having a baby changed her mind.

“When I had my daughter I thought the least I could do was try,” she said.

Then Rebeca received the call she had been approved for a Habitat home.

“I cried. I called everybody. It was a big thing for me to be doing it by myself,” she said.

One thing Rebeca is  especially looking forward to is making her home her own.

“Where I am I’m comfortable, but it’s not my house. I can’t wait to make my house my own and decorate my own room,” Rebeca said. “I got so excited seeing the walls go up. Seeing it come together. I can imagine it already.”

For Rebeca and Zuli Habitat is a family affair. Rebeca’s parents are also Habitat Homeowners.

“This is a big thing for me. I have a good job and now that I’m getting a house my parents are proud. Before I felt stuck and now I just feel so accomplished,” she said.

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