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The Marcum Family

Randy Marcum, his wife Sarah Marcum and their daughter Sophie, 1,  currently share a two-bedroom one-bathroom apartment.

Randy suffers from brittle bone disease and underwent surgery at the end of August, 2012. The apartment they currently live in is not wheelchair accessible.

“The apartment is not safe,” said Randy. “We want something safe for Sophie, a place we can settle down.”

Sarah says, “I don’t want to worry about moving or changes in rent. I would like playmates for Sophie for a lifetime.”

The Marcum family has tried many times to buy their own home but it just never worked out.

“When we found out we were approved it was a little shocking. Slightly unbelievable because we’ve been turned down so many times,” said Randy.

Sarah is looking forward to making the home her own, “We finally will be able to decorate and paint. Make the house our own.”

“With more room we can expand our family. It’s ours to do what we please,” said Randy

In the future the Marcum family would like to use the larger space they will have in their home to train dogs to assist those who are handicapped.

Sarah is Randy’s caregiver and also works as the Assistant Store Manager at Katana Games.

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