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The Martinez Family

Cynthia works with the Enrollment Department for the Pasqua Yaqui tribe.  Her co-worker owns a Habitat home and encouraged her to apply.

“I was excited,” said Cynthia about when she was approved for a Habitat home.  “I was at work and we were in the middle of a big project, so I had to wait to tell everyone…Then I was calling and texting everyone!”

As for her sons Jay, 17, and Mario, 13.  “they were happy.  They’re like, ‘finally, we don’t have to share a room!’”

Cynthia is looking forward to so much about her new Habitat home.

“I’m looking forward to having people over,” she said.  “With an apartment, it’s hard.  And for the boys to have their friends over for sleep overs.  Oh, and the stability! We’ve moved about every other year.  We don’t even unpack all the way.  I have stuff that doesn’t have a place.  It will be great to have somewhere to put it.”

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