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The Parker Family

Autumn Parker and her husband William are very excited about the opportunity to own their own home. Despite having a lot on her plate, they determined to complete their sweat equity as soon as possible so they can concentrate on saving for her down payment and attending the homeowner classes.

In addition to working at Tucson Medical Center, Autumn is a full-time student at Pima Community College where she is taking the courses required for admission into the nursing program.

“I finish the pre-requisites next semester, and then I apply for the RN program. I understand there is a year wait to get in, but that will allow me to concentrate on what I need to do for Habitat,” said Autumn.

William works at AFNI. He was the last to hear that they had been selected for a home.

“I got the call but William was not able to receive phone calls. I called everyone else first, then let him know when he got home. He was thrilled,” Autumn said. “I told our 4-year-old son Hayden. He’s excited but doesn’t understand why we can’t move in tomorrow.”

Hayden attends day care and Mom and son do “homework” together every day. “He loves to color and read. He is tracing his name and it won’t be long before he is writing it on his own. He enjoys sports, too,” said Autumn.

Autumn, William and Hayden are all Tucson natives.

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