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Toni Laxague: 20 years of breaking the patterns of poverty through giving

Toni Laxague began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Tucson in 2004. Little did she know, it would be the beginning of a 20-year legacy. Habitat was a name she knew of and recognized. As a busy professional working 60-hour work weeks as a legal assistant, she didn’t necessarily have time to volunteer. But inspired by ambassadors like Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter, Toni kept a close eye on what was happening with Habitat.  

One day she decided to look it up on the Internet. It was there that she read about Habitat Tucson’s Women Build. Toni decided it was time to explore the opportunity and showed up to volunteer on a Saturday.

“I think it was the second or third Women Build House, and I showed up at this build site and got hooked, partly because of site supervisor that year. It was Penny Pederson, she had been doing construction for years and she was wonderful, she trained us how to build and I just got hooked and kept coming back!”  

Toni shared with us that she really liked the idea of women building a house for a woman.

She enjoyed learning new skills, having the opportunity to actually build, and doing something with her hands.

Toni began giving to Habitat right away. “I used to make an annual donation every year, and then I realized it would be easier just to do it monthly and have it come right from my credit card instead of trying to do an annual donation. I think Habitat Tucson is such a good organization and the money is used for good, you can see the results of it in the community, you aren’t left wondering where it went – you see a home being built.” 

Looking back on the friendships she made, sharing stories and memories of Habitat, Toni always smiles.

What does she hope her gifts will achieve? She says, “I hope my gifts will continue to support Habitat Tucson’s mission. My hope is that it will go into building homes for people who need it most.”

Toni wants to encourage others to get involved: “I would say that it’s a worthy cause. Habitat Tucson helps people get out of poverty and helps break the patterns of poverty.”

“I would encourage people to give and if they can’t give, I would tell them to volunteer. Go out on the site, you can make a lot of friends, and learn new skills and make a difference in the Tucson community.”  

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