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5 reasons to donate your stuff to the HabiStore

Donate your stuff to the Tucson HabiStore and help build a better world! ♥How does it work?

Here’s 5 ways donating your used goods benefits the community:

1. Contributing to a cleaner environment!

Donate stuff to the HabiStore and keep it out of the landfills. Landfills contaminate soil and water with toxins and contribute to greenhouse gases. Saving even a little bit of waste from going to one of these is so important for the environment. The HabiStore saves over 500 tons from landfills annually.

In addition to saving waste from landfills, the homes that Habitat Tucson builds with the proceeds from the HabiStore are “green”. They are built with recycled materials like recycled insulation product and are energy efficient. Habitat Tucson continuously improves their building strategies to more efficiently use materials and to further reduce waste.

2. The HabiStore raises money for home building projects and helps those in need of affordable homes and furniture.

The proceeds from the sale of donated items contributes to Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s mission of building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat Tucson homes are built by volunteers and future homeowners. This builds that strength, stability, and self-reliance that a homeowner needs to have a sustainable life in their new home. It isn’t just a new home that Habitat Tucson is building, it’s a new chapter of the homeowner’s life.

In addition to raising money for home building projects for those in need of an affordable home, the furniture, appliances, windows/doors, etc. that you donate are sold in the HabiStore for affordable prices so that those who can’t afford brand new items can get the items that they need for their homes.

3. Building healthier homes.

The money made from the sale of donated items goes toward building homes for those in need of decent homes. The homes that Habitat for Humanity Tucson builds are healthier for the environment and for the homeowner. They are built to be energy efficient and to keep the homeowner safe from small allergens and pests, mold, dust-mites, and radon and combustion by-products. A donation to the HabiStore is a donation to build a healthier home for someone in need of a decent place to live.

4. Recycling!

Even if your items are unsalable, they can be used to upcycle furniture that is donated that may need a little fixing up.

The HabiStore accepts many items – from old furniture and appliances to lawn mowers and unused vehicles. These donations are used to fix other old furniture for sale in the HabiStore .

It doesn’t stop there!

Additionally, donated old cars are sold to help Habitat purchase building materials. Consider recycling an old vehicles that can be bad for the environment.

If you are wondering what you can and can’t donate, check out this list.

5. Donations fund repair projects.

Habitat Tucson not only builds new homes, but also helps repair homes. Habitat Tucson’s home repair program helps homeowners in need of critical and minor home repairs and helps revitalize neighborhoods in Tucson. The proceeds from your donation to the HabiStore can help fund these repairs with materials and tools.

The HabiStore accepts donated new and used building materials, furniture, appliances, lighting fixtures and other home goods, and sells them to raise money for Habitat Tucson home building projects.

To contact the HabiStore donation hotline, call (520)230-5323

935 W Grant Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85705

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When you donate to Habitat HabiStore, you’re supporting the store that helps build strength, stability and self-reliance
through shelter.

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