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A Dinner Table For the Whole Family: Robert and Christina’s Story

The family of 6 has been crammed into a 2 bedroom apartment for as long as they can remember.

Having a safe and stable place to live is so important for Robert and Christina. They have done their best to provide that for their kids, but between debt and COVID-related hardships, it has been increasingly hard to do so. This is why Robert and Christina decided to apply to become Habitat homeowners

Robert and Christina met over a decade ago and are both extremely hard workers.[mk_image src=”” image_size=”large” desc=”Habitat volunteers help families have a safe, stable place to call home.”]Morning routines are almost impossible with four young kids sharing one bathroom with their parents. Three of their daughters sleep in one single bunk bed, two on the bottom bunk, while Christina and Robert share a bedroom with their youngest.

“He’s two years old and he sleeps in a playpen, but he’s really stretching out so we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do about that situation,” says Christina.

But their housing problems don’t stop at the door. Robert and Christina also live in a dangerous neighborhood rife with crime and theft. They don’t want to subject their family to that kind of environment and dream of somewhere safe for their children to grow and play. They were eager to roll up their sleeves and start on their sweat equity as Habitat homebuyers!

Robert and Christina immediately felt welcomed by the volunteers and site supervisors. When asked about their experience Robert said, “The staff and volunteers were really helpful! If we have questions, they take the time to show us what we’re supposed to do and how it’s done.”

A bigger house in a safe Habitat neighborhood will make a world of difference for Robert and Christina. They look forward to hosting family gatherings, celebrating holidays, and seeing their children grow and thrive. “Our space is so small that we can’t do that right now,” Christina says.

What Robert and Christina look forward to most is being able to all sit down and eat meals together. Right now the family is split up at two small tables—one for the kids, one for the parents. But in their Habitat home, they can all come together for meals. “I can’t wait to just have a family dinner where we can see everybody and have everybody there in one space to talk to. It’s going to be really good!”[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”]

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