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Brittany, Volunteering with Habitat for Her Birthday

“I just turned 35,” Brittany said. “Normally I have a party, but I said, ‘This year for my birthday, I have to do something different, something that’s a little less self-focused and more about giving back to somebody else’.”

To celebrate her 35th birthday, Brittany flew to Tucson to volunteer at Habitat Tucson’s construction site in Marana.Brittany says, “I learned from my mom about Habitat for Humanity, that they construct houses for low income people, veterans, and the elderly.”

She searched for Habitat affiliates that were open to volunteers, and found Habitat Tucson.She said, “Let’s do it, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty!”

Brittany is a teacher from Los Angeles. Friendly and energetic, she has a big heart and a lot of wanderlust to match. Brittany says, “I like volunteering, I like to meet people, I like to get out of LA. Sometimes, I just put a pin on the map somewhere and say, let’s go! There’s so much to see.” She’d never been to Tucson before and was excited to see a saguaro for the first time. What better way to experience the desert than at sunrise on an early construction morning?

Back in LA, Brittany has lived in the same house her whole life, just like her parents. She knows that stability is a gift. A home base gives her the sense of security she needs to be able to live life to the fullest.For Brittany, “Home is a sense of security. You create memories at your home with family and friends. It’s important that you have somewhere where you can decompress and feel wanted, desired, and relaxed.”“Home is somewhere where you don’t have to be battling life every day.”

brittany in marana
And if I can hit a nail or two to make somebody feel that, then I’ll take it!”

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