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Becoming A Family Partner Volunteer

Frank loves to share his financial skills with Habitat homeowners. Teaching is his passion: he has always held mentoring roles throughout his career in engineering and research. When an opportunity arose to become a family partner, he thought,

“Now, THIS is me, one hundred percent! This is something I can do.”

A family partner volunteer works alongside a homebuyer through their financial education classes, budgeting process, and sweat equity. Homebuyers and family partners meet monthly or as needed for approximately a year, growing close through the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and trust throughout the process. Family partners are an important way that Habitat Tucson creates a network of support and empowerment around Habitat homebuyers to ensure their success in the program.

When Frank heard this description, he knew it was right for him.

He leapt into action! He said, “This is amazing! I really value mentorship and want to help the families.”

He had volunteered in other highly involved capacities before.

He served as the volunteer finance chair for an annual computer networking conference, where he used his longtime position to mentor and help establish the first female general chair.

Frank also loves being able to share his knowledge about investments and finances. Not every financial situation has the same problems, Frank says, so it’s important to work with the specific needs and income of the Habitat homebuyers.

His homebuyer family is receptive and willing to learn when they’ve discussed things like interest and credit scores. Frank says, “A mortgage where 100% of the payment goes to the principal — that’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Habitat family partner volunteers like Frank are deeply valued. Their time and knowledge is immeasurable. Frank is passionate about volunteering and is grateful for an opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life.

Frank says, “I’ve been lucky in life. And now I get to pay it forward.

I want to give back.”

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