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The Bhat Family

Karla Bhat is looking forward to raising her family in a safe neighborhood. Currently living with her, in a 3-bedroom apartment, are Sabrina and Saira, Catalina Magnet High School senior and sophomore, and Blaine and Londyn Eldridge, John B. Wright Elementary School students.

A Sales Manager with V. I. P. Publications, Karla’s hours are devoted to supporting her family and their activities, working a 6-day week, and investing in her new Habitat life.

She learned of Habitat for Humanity–Tucson through a local organization. She joyfully recounts the goose bumps and celebration that accompanied the phone call at work to tell her that she had been selected as a Habitat Homeowner.

The children are eager to be in their own rooms , and are already thinking about the new and safe play area opportunities the home will offer.

She values two people as mentors: Kimberly Cook, who encouraged her through a second application process, and her boss, who understands the demands of family life and schedules.

As she recalls her life experiences and strong determination to make changes, “We are really thankful for Habitat to be there.”

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