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The Willie-Doewah Family

Twelve years ago Aloysius Willie & Winifred Doewah moved to the United States from Liberia.

At one point during the civil war in Liberia, Aloysius was forced to live in a cave. After escaping into a neighboring country, Aloysius and Winifred became refugees; both found the language barrier very difficult to overcome. But overcome they did.

“We spoke French and the country we escaped to was English speaking; it slowed me down,” said Aloysius. “I didn’t graduate from high school until I was 21 years old.”

They are very happy to be in the United States and feel God continues to bless them. Aloysius’ sister, 14 year-old Adebola, lives with them. They have a 4 year-old daughter, Malaika and a 2 year-old son, Alonzo. They’ve lived in Tucson for 8 years and both are caregivers–Aloysius with Desert Villita Assisted Living and Winifred with Freedom Inn Senior Living. The townhome where they live currently is too small for the family; the structure has several health hazards and the area they live in is unsafe. Winifred and Aloysius are so happy to be finally settling down in their forever-home.

When the call came informing them they were approved to become Habitat homeowners, Aloysius said they were “so very happy.” “Having a home is happiness,” Winifred added. “It is a stable place to live.”

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