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Darlene Brent

The Brent home just got a lot more crowded. Recently, when Darlene’s cousin fell on hard times, Darlene became the temporary guardian for her three children, Heaven, Nevaeh and Isaiah, ages 18 months to 9 years old.

Darlene already shares her section-8 townhome with her three children, Shawn-tay, Michael and Candice, ages 25 to 16. She’s a single mom working as a special education Teacher’s Aide and was recently approved to be a Habitat homeowner.

Receiving a Habitat home will change everything for the Brent Family. Darlene will be able to show her cousins stability and her daughter Candice will finally have what she’s always dreamed of…a purple bedroom, a “real” backyard for her puppy, and a house to call a home.

Darlene and her family will move into their Habitat home in late spring of 2009. Their home is part of the High School Build program and was recently moved from Howenstine High School, where students began its construction, to the neighborhood Darlene will call home as for the first time as a homeowner.

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