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The Helm Family

“Dreams can really come true. Thanks again for giving us a chance to make our dreams come true,”

Tony Helm, future Habitat homeowner

For the Helm family, Nikki and Tony and their daughters, Alexandria and Ashley, buying a Habitat home is a dream come true.

From the moment they found out that they would be receiving a Habitat home they were ecstatic.
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“I’ve never owned anything like that, this will be a first for me,” said Tony. “And just to put our money toward owning something, not throwing it into rent…”

And Nikki can’t wait to have the extra room. “I was trying to clean our apartment this weekend, and didn’t even have room to clean,” she said.

Nikki and Tony have already begun their sweat equity hours by working on their home, at the HabiStore and at the Habitat offices.

The Helms will move into their Building Freedom Day home in the Corazon Del Pueblo home development in the summer of 2009. Their home was started at Habitat’s 7th annual Building Freedom Day on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers. Building Freedom Day was created to honor the victims of the attacks by celebrating hope and the American Dream.

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