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Gilberto Leon

Gilberto Leon who has worked as the sales manager for the local radio station 105.3, La Ponderosa, for 20 years. His radio station does public service announcements for Habitat for Humanity, and so he has known about the program for many years. He tried before to qualify for a Habitat house, but he said he wasn’t good about budgeting because he was “eating out a lot and not saving money”.

Gilberto credits the Primavera classes for helping him, because he learned about budgets and other financial matters, and started saving money. He currently lives in a one bedroom apartment, and says, “I am ready for the responsibility of being a homeowner”.

He was at the radio station when he got the call that he qualified for a house. His boss and his co-workers were thrilled for him. His family has been very supportive of him, as well as, his girlfriend, Monica, who currently lives in Nogales, Mexico.

Having a “green thumb” and a good eye for decorating, Gilberto is looking forward to moving his big plants to help decorate the inside of his home. He also wants to plant a little grass and have fruit trees and eventually add a covered patio to decorate the outside.

Gilberto is very happy with the Habitat Program and has already recruited two people to sign up for the program. Gilberto says, “I am looking forward to getting my keys and enjoying my new home.”

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