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A house made from envelopes!

What can one person – or one envelope – do?


Building a house can seem like an impossibly huge task. Expensive, labor and so much more go into it. Here at Habitat we always have tackled the problem one nail, one family one hammer at a time.

A volunteer had an idea that if we had 400 envelopes we could fund an entire house! All we need is 400 people to take one envelope and donate the amount $1-$400 that is the # number of the envelope.

Envelope house, like stone soup fable shows, how we all can make contributions of different sizes and collectively build a home.
With leadership from our Board of Directors, community members will be asked to take an envelope that has meaningful value to the donor – celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary? Take envelope 30!
Together, though unique philanthropy desires, our bite-sized gifts will total $90,000 and a new home for a hardworking family.
Please write “envelope house” in the comments for your donation. Thank you!

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Thank you!

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