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Homeownership, the next chapter in Agnes’ journey

This single-mother of two has persevered through 19 years as a refugee. She fled severe poverty and danger during genocide in Rwanda.

Homeownership is the next chapter to an incredible journey for Agnes.

“This is my chance to have my own house and be able to be stable,” Agnes said. “Thank you.”

“A home to me and my two kids will be a place of relief – our home, our joy. It will be a place of family reunion and family celebrations. It will offer a good outside view and a backyard full of all kinds of nature’s creations. My daughter, Paradis, will enjoy her privacy in her own bedroom – a quiet place to think and meditate while doing homework or having her own time. She will decorate it her own way and hang up her artwork. My son, Parfait, will enjoy fun times with his friends in his own room – playing games and doing boy stuff – a room painted in blue.

This will be my home.

What does home mean to you?”

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