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From Impossible to Possible: Frances’s Story

“I got a letter that my rent was going up… I was devastated. I started looking, but everything’s so expensive right now. Interest rates are so high. For me, it’s not so much about the long-term cost, but if I can’t do the monthly payment there’s no way around it. It was impossible.”

Frances has worked as a patient care coordinator in the medical field for over 20 years. A native Southern Arizonan, Frances raises three creative and artistic children by herself.

As a single mom, she faces the difficulties of managing her finances on a single income and arranging childcare for her three kids, especially when they were younger. Right now, the home they live in has leaks in the ceiling every year during monsoon season. Worse, it’s about to become far more expensive. Like so many others during this housing crisis, Frances knew that they would have to move.

At Thanksgiving dinner, her cousin suggested that Frances apply to the Habitat Tucson homeownership program. It seemed like an amazing opportunity to purchase a home that was affordable and truly her own. She applied!

When she found out she was accepted, she was stunned. Now, she says, “I feel like it was a blessing.”

The first thing she did was call her mom. Her mom told her,

“You’ve always provided the home, but now it’s going to be your house.”

With the support of her family and the excitement of her children, she rolled up her sleeves!

The process of doing the 250 hours of sweat equity at the construction site and HabiStore has been eye-opening for her.

Frances has realized that even if she’s not in a position to donate to a worthy cause like Habitat, she can always volunteer. She says, “Sometimes donating your time is more valuable. It’s incredible actually how many people volunteer to do this. It’s so amazing.”

The Habitat community has been very special for Frances. “Just getting to know people along the way and getting the chance to learn at the construction site and at the HabiStore…”

“You realize that people need other people. And you see that in the community here.” Plus, she says, “It’s been very educational to learn the whole process of how to build a house

from the bottom up.”

Having an affordable mortgage will give Frances a sense of security. She says, “When you rent, you don’t always know what’s going to happen. I’ve worried about if I can afford staying there or if the landlord is going to sell it. So having your own home, when you’re paying for it and putting everything into it, it’s you who have control of it.”

Frances is glad that she knows the home can provide a safety net for her children. “In the future, if anything happens, they’ll have somewhere to come home,” she says.

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