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Happy Habitat Couple: Meet Brandon and Leah

Leah Swisher & Brandon Bowen have been together for 7 years. Leah is the CEO of AZ Construction Trades and has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Tucson since 2012. Leah introduced Brandon to Habitat, but he is no stranger to construction, owning his own business as an independent contractor. The two met at a friend’s house and for Brandon it was love at first handshake.

Leah has 3 kids and 1 grandbaby. Brandon’s favorite thing about Leah is what an awesome mom she is, while Leah admires Brandon for his integrity. 

We asked Leah how she learned about Habitat Tucson and what motivated her to partner with us.

Leah said, “I have always wanted to use my trade experience to help build houses for hope, and Brandon loved the idea. I googled non-profits that do just that. I love that Habitat represents hope for so many people.”

Leah tells us that she and Brandon have both had their share of hard times through life and believe everyone deserves a helping hand up.  

“Brandon and I both love being part of a solution and watching the smiles from our efforts.”   

When asked to share her favorite Habitat memory, she says, “Just one? There is so many, it’s hard to choose. Mine would be meeting one of the family members that received a home and hearing the back story of their circumstances. Knowing that our volunteer efforts were going to change her life and the lives of 3 children. It brought me tears, having 3 children of my own and relating to her desperation for a solution.”  

Leah wants to encourage others and believes, “If you desire to learn new skills and impact other people through hope, join a build. Volunteering on a build will help you grow as a person. You will identify your weakness and build on your strengths. It is an opportunity to help direct your path. Even if you are unsure, find the courage. The experienced team leaders will help guide you to learn new skills. You will meet great people and build an experience you will never forget. 

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