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The Gonzalez Family

Mirna and Gabriel Gonzalez and their 11 year old daughter, Paulina, are currently renting a two bedroom house but are really looking forward to “establishing roots” in their new Habitat home. They were all at home when they were notified that they were accepted, and they were so happy. They immediately called Mirna’s mother and sister to tell them the good news.

When they aren’t working on their Habitat volunteer hours, Mirna works as a cashier at Food City and runs a DES Day Care Program in her home. Gabriel is a landscaper, and Paulina works hard as a 6th grade student at Hollinger Elementary.

“A sense of security and a foundation for me and my family” is what
Gabriel says the new home will give them. He likes that they will be “stable and not have to move around.” Mirna can’t wait to paint a few walls her favorite color of yellow. She envisions a yard with
orange and lemon trees and spending time having barbeques on the patio. Pink is the color that Paulina is hoping to paint her room, and she wants to get a big dog to be a companion to her little Chihuahua, Chico.

The whole family has been “muy contentos” with the Habitat program and the opportunity it has provided for them to have the “serious responsibility” of home ownership.

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