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Resources for DIYers at the HabiStore

DIY at your local HabiStore

Although the Habistore helps to provide unique, quality home furnishings for those on tighter budgets, everyone is welcome, in fact encouraged, to shop at the Habistore. One of the core values that the Habitat for Humanity seeks empower in the community is self-reliance, and the Habistore contributes by providing the tools and supplies for tons of interesting DIY projects.

Not sure how to start your project? Come by and ask! One of the many volunteers will be more than willing to help turn your idea into a reality.

If you’re looking for paint supplies to decorate your walls, plumbing tools to install a new sink, or lighting fixtures to brighten up your home and you want to save some money by doing it yourself, the HabiStore is for you.

But be careful! You may come out of the store with even more ideas for great DIY projects. Whether you’re looking for doors, blinds, tile, or cabinets, couplets, stop-valves, or hinges, the Habistore is the place to find them.

There are even tools!

Planning on pouring some concrete to make a new patio? Come by and see if they have a cement mixer. Looking to extend your air conditioning to a new part of the house? Come by and see if they have some vents!

Are you a veteran or a senior citizen? Great! Military discounts – 10% off of anything for military personnel that are either active or retired. Senior Tuesday offers the same discount to those aged 55 years or older.

Whether you’re new to DIY projects or are a DIY veteran, there is something for you and your next project to be found at the Habistore. And, if you don’t know what you need to get the job done – simply ask! The staff is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about making your home a habitat. So whether you’re looking to renovate or to repair your household, stop by the Tucson HabiStore, located at 935 W Grant Rd., and let Habitat for Humanity help!


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