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Home for the holidays

Adrian and Yareica were the fastest homebuyers to finish their sweat equity hours this year. If all goes well, they will be moving into their new home before welcoming their 3rd child, another girl, due on January 1st. They hope to be in their new Habitat home for the holidays!

At just 23 years old, Adrian and Yareica have an air of responsibility around them. They met at 15 and welcomed their first daughter at 16, forcing them to grow up fast. They lived with Adrian’s parents until the age of 18, at which time they moved in with Yareica’s sister and her husband. Their whole family grew: Adrian and Yareica had another daughter and Yareica’s sister had a daughter as well.

Now, their three-bedroom just isn’t cutting it for the seven of them. The most obvious problem is space, but there are some safety issues with the neighborhood as well as pest problems in the apartment complex.

Adrian and Yareica really want their little girls to have a safe place to play outside. Their biggest challenge is, “Not having our own place to raise our kids or enough space for them to run around. They have a lot of energy.”

Rent prices are high, and home prices are even higher, especially for families early in their careers. Adrian and Yareica needed a hand-up from their community, so they applied to Habitat. The complex paperwork was challenging, but finding out that they were selected was worth it.

Yareica says, “I’m still speechless. We’re not gonna believe it until we’re there.” Adrian adds, “Sometimes I still can’t sleep at night thinking about it.”

Adrian and Yareica are motivated and driven. “Becoming young parents at an early age is what pushed us.” They want to provide for their family and build a home that is “somewhere to raise the kids safely and be together comfortably with no worries,” Adrian says.

They’ve enjoyed sweat equity, saying, “We’ve learned a lot of new stuff, got to spend time with a lot of new people, and a lot of good people.”

The day they completed their sweat equity hours, our construction team pulled them aside and said, “You need to set up a meeting with us to pick your house.” Yareica said, “Oh I don’t need a meeting.” She pointed to the construction project they had worked on that day, “It’s right here. That’s our house right there.” She knew what she wanted! Their new home is in the A Mountain area, with a beautiful view overlooking Tucson.

“We just can’t wait to see our daughters running outside in their yard,” Adrian says. “Habitat means everything to us. Words can’t explain how thankful I am to this whole process and all the people involved. I know they didn’t have to give their time to us, but they still do it. There are truly great people here. And it’s changed us.”

Their new home will create an opportunity for their family to have strength, stability, and self- reliance. It will be less stressful, have more space, and be truly “theirs.”

“Just don’t give up. Keep trying. Be dedicated and never give up. And when you feel like not being dedicated, stay focused and work harder. Just stay positive.” — Yareica


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