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“Like a New House”: A Critical Home Repair

Their home simply wasn’t safe for them anymore. That’s when Habitat stepped in.

Larry Staley served his country as a US Army Morse Intercept Operator. Now retired, he and his wife Marilyn raised 8 children and now live a quiet, happy life in their shared home. Larry has a great sense of humor and Marilyn’s love has only grown for him over the 56 years they’ve shared as a couple.

But when they moved into their current home, they had no idea Larry would develop Parkinson’s and dementia. Their home was not suited to using a walker or wheelchair, making it hard for both of them to perform daily functions. That need became even more urgent when Larry took a bad fall and needed to recover in hospice for 3 weeks.

Their home simply wasn’t safe for them anymore. That’s when Habitat stepped in.

Because of his service, the couple’s home repair qualified for help through Habitat and The Home Depot Foundation that aims to ensure that veterans age safely in their homes for years to come.

Since both Larry and Marilyn use mobility aids, including a walker and wheelchair, it was difficult getting from their house to their laundry room. The new ramp has not only made accessibility possible, but has made it safe to access as well!

Next came the bathroom. Broken tiles, a cramped shower, and an inaccessible toilet. The Habitat critical home repairs crew fixed their shower so that they could fit safely in it while sitting and added accessibility handlebars beside the toilet.

“It’s like a new house,” Marilyn says. “I can’t tell you how much this means to us and how grateful we are to Habitat for what you have done.

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