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My Habitat Internship

Habitat Tucson helps families, inspires millions of people, and most of all builds communities for people that need them.

Sage Anderson, a senior at Amphi High School, used his skills of photography and videography to tell the stories of Habitat families, volunteers, donors during his summer internship at Habitat Tucson.[mk_image src=”” image_size=”large”]watch video

Habitat Tucson doesn’t simply build homes for families in need.  It takes those families in need and helps them become financially stable.

In the short summer I’ve been with Habitat Tucson, I’ve learned many things.  Some of the things I learned are more technical—like using Instagram to effectively advertise your brand— but some of the things I learned are more emotional.

For instance, something that no other job could have taught me is the feeling when a family gets a brand-new home, knowing that the work you and many others put in, to make this family have a financially stable future.  Habitat Tucson helps families, inspires millions of people, and most of all builds communities for people that need them.Habitat provides homebuyers the tools and strategies to better their life.  With a few classes, families can learn how to better manage their money and prepare for homeownership.  Once the family has put in the necessary number of sweat equity hours building alongside Habitat’s many volunteers, they are well on their way to owning their home.

Homes aren’t built by some construction crew Habitat payed either. Homes are built by volunteers of Habitat who give up their time to helps others.  Even in the 100+ degree weather, these inspiring volunteers are out there most days of the week helping families get the homes they deserve.

To see so many people come together in any weather to help hardworking families achieve homeownership is a feeling like no other.

[mk_image src=”” image_size=”large”]Once homes are built, communities are made.

Habitat Tucson families become each other’s neighbors by working side-by-side on build days.  Those feelings you share with the people that help build your house are feelings that will build your community.  A community where you feel safe to let your kids go outside and play, a community you want to grow old in and watch your children become adults, a community where you feel loved.

This community isn’t limited to neighbors, either. Habitat Tucson even built a loving community in the workplace!  Every day without failure everyone at the Habitat office has shown me nothing but absolute positivity.

I feel as if I’ve matured over my time working with Habitat Tucson.  It was only one summer but I learned so much. Every department has something special they do to support the mission, and each person is so knowledgeable and caring.


Get Involved Today

Habitat for Humanity Tucson brings people together to create and maintain homeownership in our neighborhoods by partnering with hard-working, low-income families, and to inspire action towards our ultimate goal of eliminating poverty housing. From donating money or goods, to volunteering on site or in the HabiStore, we have many ways for you to take action and help improve your community by changing lives.

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