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The HabiStore: A Useful Resource for Seniors Downsizing

For many seniors, the decision to downsize your home is inevitable but also a potentially difficult decision to make. Whether you are downsizing to cut costs, be closer to loved ones, address medical needs, or to just simplify your lifestyle, the HabiStore is here to help!

Helpful Tips for Seniors Downsizing

1.) Start early and make a plan!

After a lifetime of collecting memories, and belongings, in a home, downsizing can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, especially if left to the last minute. With large moves, like relocation and downsizing, help is needed! Plan ahead and ask family and friends to help you sort through what items to keep vs. what won’t be needed in your new, smaller space.

2.) Work room by room

Downsizing differs from a traditional move because not everything you currently own will be coming with you. This will require more sorting through belongings to determine what is no longer needed. You might not even know where to start!

The easiest way to begin the downsizing process is to identify which rooms and spaces in your current home will no longer be a part of your smaller space. For example, your new condo may not have a garage or guest bedroom. Start with these rooms first! It will be much easier working room by room, especially starting with spaces you won’t even have the option of filling.

3.) Clearly label and identify what will be kept vs. donated

After spending all that time sorting through and separating your belongings into different keep vs. donate piles, make sure things are labeled! This will make it easier for you and movers to identify what needs to go where.


Downsizing guide for seniors

The Ultimate Checklist for downsizing

Pima Council on Aging

How the HabiStore Can Help Seniors Downsizing

The Tucson HabiStore provides you an opportunity to donate your unneeded items to help promote Habitat for Humanity’s mission while also receiving a tax benefit for contributing to a qualified 501(c) (3) organization. Proceeds of the HabiStore are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance, and shelter in the Tucson community.

Donate to the Tucson HabiStore

The Tucson HabiStore is always in need of donations and is happy to help make your downsizing process easier! We accept a variety of furniture and appliances that are in ready to resell condition. Not sure if what’s in your donation pile will be accepted by the HabiStore? Check out our donation guide on what we can and cannot accept.

The HabiStore most frequently receives the following household items:

  • Furniture – mattresses, couches, tables, bookshelves, bed frames
  • Appliances – washer and dryers, microwaves, grills
  • Lighting
  • Patio furniture

Donations can be dropped off at the HabiStore, located at 
935 W Grant Rd. Tucson, Arizona
Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.

Seniors downsizing can also enjoy shopping at the HabiStore for their new home!
The HabiStore Offers Free Donation Pickup!

The Tucson HabiStore offers free donation pickup for large items in the Tucson area, including Sahuarita, Vail, Marana, and Oro Valley. This service is best for large items, like appliances and furniture.

To schedule a free donation pickup from the Habistore, call our Donation Hotline (520) 230-5323 or schedule online!

Visit the Tucson HabiStore

The HabiStore Tucson
935 W. Grant Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85705

Tuesday – Saturday
10am – 4pm

Contact the Tucson HabiStore
(520) 889-7200

About Habitat for Humanity HabiStores

“Everyone that shops and donates at the Tucson HabiStore helps to improve the lives of families in need of better shelter,” said T. VanHook, Habitat Tucson CEO. “This year alone, proceeds from our Habitat Store have helped more than 16 families in Southern Arizona.

With more than 1,000 stores in five countries, proceeds generated by Habitat HabiStores are used to help build or improve homes locally and around the world. To shop, donate or volunteer locally, visit

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