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Terri Figueroa

We’ve all had a bad day at work, but they don’t usually end the way Terri’s did when she found out her dream of owning a home would come true.

On a Friday afternoon, while having had a rough day at work, Terri got the call that would change her life and the lives of her family forever; she was going to receive a Habitat home. And, not only was she getting a Habitat home, but her home was being sponsored by her own employer, Tucson Medical Center.
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Terri said she had goose-bumps that afternoon when Director of Homeowner Services, Tina Springer, called her with the news. On her way home, through tears, Terri called her mom, who lives with her, and told her to be sitting down when she got home, she had news.

Terri, her son RL, niece Adriana and her ailing mother Rebecca will move into their Building Freedom Day home in the Corazon Del Pueblo home development in the summer of 2009. Their home was started at Habitat’s 7th annual Building Freedom Day on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers. Building Freedom Day was created to honor the victims of the attacks by celebrating hope and the American Dream.

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