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The Difference of a Habitat Home during COVID-19

“It’s everybody’s dream to own your own home!” says Meghan. “I’m a single mom with 3 kids, and I never thought it was going to be possible.”

How many of us are lucky enough that we can work from home? Fortunate enough to have a partner to help care for our children? Privileged to have enough in our savings to get through the coronavirus crisis? Habitat homebuyer Meghan isn’t one of those lucky ones.

Not only is she a single parent of three young boys, not only does she care for and live with her elderly mother, but she also works in the health industry as a nurse. Meghan has been working as a CNA the past 14 years, working primarily with dementia patients.

Right now, Meghan is on the front-lines of this crisis as a certified nursing assistant, doing everything she can to care for the ill and vulnerable in our community.

During  this coronavirus outbreak, Meghan represents so many in our community–a hardworking parent who just wants a safe, healthy future for her family.  She cannot afford to stockpile a month’s worth of groceries, cannot take time off from work when her skills are essential to our community’s health and recovery.[mk_image src=”” image_size=”large”]

This is why affordable housing matters NOW more than ever.

Did you know that here in Pima County, one in four families must choose between spending money on a safe place to live and spending money on groceries or  health care? And one in eight families in Arizona spend at least half of their income on housing alone.

With nearly 19 million severely cost-burdened households in the U.S., creating affordable housing for homeowners is urgent and necessary.

Meghan knows her Habitat home is much more than shelter–it’s safety, stability, and will give her a chance to make forward-looking financial decisions for her family. She takes comfort knowing that she isn’t alone–with you in her corner, she knows she can make it through this pandemic and create a safe, healthy future for her family.

YOU can be a Habitat Hero

Your gifts make it possible for Meghan to protect her family in times of crisis. By giving Meghan and her family a safe, affordable place to call home, she will no longer be cost-burdened by rent and have a fighting chance to protect their family in this time of uncertainly–and she can continue the necessary work of caring for the health of our community.

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