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The HabiStore saved 598 tons from the landfill last year

[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-icon-recycle” title=”Shoppers, donor and volunteers like you are keeping items from the landfill!” text_size=”21″ style=”boxed” icon_location=”top” icon_color=”#000000″ icon_circle_color=”#c4d600″]The HabiStore serves as a recycling hub that helps people keep working, useable household items out of landfills.[/mk_icon_box]In the past year, thanks to generous donations from individuals and community businesses, the HabiStore was able to divert almost 600 tons of building materials, appliances, new and gently used furniture and home accessories from the local landfill. That’s more than double the annual amount the HabiStore typically saves from the landfill!

The HabiStore serves as a recycling hub that helps people keep working, useable household items out of landfills. All sales generated by the HabiStore directly support the building of additional energy-efficient, affordable homes in the Tucson community.

The HabiStore’s commitment to being and building green can be seen in the daily operations of the store.

Volunteers and employees upcycle materials for signage and displays, individuals can attend workshops on repurposing items as well as purchasing eco-friendly paint products in the store. The HabiStore even utilizes photovoltaic systems and high-efficiency lighting to reduce electricity costs by 50%. There are also signs, posters, and sheets on how to continue to be eco-friendly you can find around the store.[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”][mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”]

“Donating and shopping at the HabiStore helps Habitat for Humanity Tucson build and renovate homes for hardworking local families. By donating to and buying items at the HabiStore, community members helped keep almost 600 tons of material out of the local landfill, thus contributing to the local green movement,”

said Kristy Soracco, HabiStore Donation Acquisition Manager.Donating the items you’re thinking about throwing out to the HabiStore will not only add to the tons we’re keeping out of the landfill, the revenue gained from you sold items directly go towards building more affordable homes in Southern Arizona.[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”]Donate Today

There’s always a great reason to shop at the HabiStore! Interested in joining our green movement and donating your items to the HabiStore? Then check out what items we accept here!


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We sell new and used building materials, appliances, furniture and other home goods at deeply discounted prices. All sales help fund home building and repair projects right here in our community. 


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We accept a variety of new and reclaimed building materials, furniture and appliances in good working condition. Please see our donation guide for details on what we can an cannot accept.


[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full” link=”/habistore/volunteering/” align=”center”]

Our volunteers have a lot of roles to fill — from providing helpful customer service to creating DIY projects and displays, repairing furniture, and organizing stock. We’ll find a place where you’ll fit in and a role that interests you.

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