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The Jackson Family

The Jackson Family

La-Recia Jackson and her daughters, Diamond, 17, Kali, 15 and Michal,14, share a four-bedroom and two-bathroom rental home.

A family friend who is also a Habitat Homeowner encouraged La-Recia to apply for a home for her and her daughters.

“A few weeks later I got a really great phone call. I was ecstatic. I called everybody I knew, starting with my mom and dad,” said La-Recia.

La-Recia and her daughters are looking forward to having a home to call their own.

“Just to know that it is mine. Something I can call my own. It’s a great feeling,” said La-Recia. “My daughter’s are happy, but mostly because I’m happy.”

The Jackson family will also be sharing their home with their adopted pets. Their dog, Max, an Australian Shepherd and their turtle named Odie.

“I admire Habitat. It helps people who didn’t think they would ever own a home. The people here care and you can see their dedication,” La-Recia said.

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