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The Ramirez Family

“We’ve been through so much.  Sometimes we didn’t have money for food and [my kids] knew and didn’t ask for more.  They were only four and six,” said Linda Ramirez. “[Our home] is the biggest prize at the end of the road.”Linda and her children, Angel, 13, and Camila, 10, are over the moon about being approved for a Habitat home.

“They started crying,” said Linda about when she told her kids that they were going to get a home.  “For us this is a dream come true.  When we came here, my son said ‘I don’t want to move any more.’ So, I told him next time we move, it will be to our house.”

“We’ve been here six years, and we’ve moved six times,” said Linda.  “I made a promise.  The next time we move it will be to our home…I’m so glad I can keep my promise because of this program.”

Linda works at TMC.  She and her children travel to Nogales every week to attend the Church where Linda is also a teacher.

“We prayed three times a day for the house.  I know this is a blessing,” said Linda.  “I think that’s why I cried, because I knew it’s what we’d been praying for.”

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