Welcoming the Newest Families to Minton Court

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For years, there was a blighted field in the Amphi neighborhood.

But you transformed it into Minton Court!


Congratulations to our newest homeowners at Minton Court! Despite the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 has presented us with this year, our volunteer team succeeded in completing the houses at our newest neighborhood at Minton Road. Welcome home, everyone!

Because of social distancing precautions, we were unable to celebrate the dedications in person. So we went virtual! Family partners filmed their congratulations for their families. Habitat Tucson CEO made a personal virtual appearance to welcome each family as the newest addition to our Habitat community.

Thanks to the all the dedicated people in the community who stepped up to help a family have a safe and stable place to call home and purchase a home during a pandemic.  Together, we were able to find joy and light during these strange, uncertain times.

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