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Sustainable homes build strength.

Our homes are green.

Well… not really — they’re a mix of desert inspired tans, browns and reds.

But all of our homes are “Green”.

What does that mean exactly?

Our Habitat homes are Energy Star rated, with Indoor airPLUS and WaterSense certifications — the EPA trifecta of high performance homes. They are built to eliminate air leakage and reduce the burden on households as energy prices rise.

Comfortable year-round, our homes are healthier because there are far fewer entry points for allergens and pests. They reduce health risks from mold, dust mites, radon and combustion by-products because they are built to meet or exceed national standards.

The dream of homeownership can only be a reality for many of us if the ongoing cost of home ownership doesn’t break the bank. We realized early on that an energy-efficient home that reduces monthly utility bills is crucial.

Affordability is the key to helping our neighbors become successful homeowners.
Here is a list of just some of the standards Habitat Tucson has in place to ensure energy efficiency in Habitat homes.

  • Six-inch thick exterior walls provide better insulation
  • Low-e insulated windows that increase efficiency
  • Two-foot roof eave overhangs where space allows providing more shade and protection
  • Exterior studs located 24 inches on center to maximize insulation capacity
  • Box headers that allow two inch blue foam insulation above windows and doors
  • High density blue foam Stucco Mate sheathing to add extra insulation
  • All exterior windows and doors sealed with sill seal caulk and spray foam
  • Compact fluorescent lights
  • All HVAC duct work sealed internally and tested to TEP energy guarantee standards
  • Building designs incorporate an air conditioned attic to reduce demand on HVAC system
  • Low-flow toilets and shower heads
  • Landscape designed with drought tolerant plants with low water demand and trees located to maximize shade

We plan to continue the evolution of our commitment to sustainable design and green building including passive and active solar design, greywater plumbing, and adherence to community standards like the City of Tucson’s green certification program.


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