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Home Repairs Help Navy Veteran Age in Peace

Navy veteran James Gunderson and his wife, Barbara, live in their home of 40 years.

It’s their sanctuary. Their large family joins them for holidays and other special occasions.

But, weather and time had taken a toll on the home, leaving the Gundersons with fear that they would not be able to remain in their home.

The elderly couple’s roof was old. The windows leaked cold air into the hot, dry desert outdoors. Accessibility concerns compromised the safety of the aging navy veteran and his wife.

One day, the Gundersons watched as a crew of volunteers and Habitat for Humanity Tucson staff painted and replaced the fascia on the home of a neighbor just across the street. Later, they inquired about their neighbor’s project. They¬†saw that their neighbor has a revived pride in their home.

Soon after, the Gundersons applied to Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s Home Repair program.

Home’s new lease on life.

With the help of The Home Depot, Habitat Tucson replaced the home’s failing roof.

They also installed new energy saving windows and a sliding back door. Additionally, the home’s electrical was updated and internal doorways were widened to make navigating the home easier.

The new windows are easing energy costs and keeping the house cooler for the couple during the hot summer months.

Finally, volunteers from a local church helped replace and paint the home’s fascia, improving its appearance.

“We are so grateful for this,” James said. “We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. The volunteers were amazing.”

Projects like these help our veteran neighbors age in the peace and safety of their own homes. They also improve the overall appearance of the neighborhood and inspire community members to tend to their homes as well.

Habitat for Humanity Tucson is dedicated to serving our local veteran community.

Special thanks to The Home Depot for helping the Gunderson family with these needed repairs that will improve their health, safety and overall quality of life.

Gunderson home

Refer a homeowner.

Do you know a veteran or local Tucson homeowner in need of home repairs? Have them call Habitat for Humanity Tucson at (520) 326-1217 to find out how we can help, or submit an inquiry form today.

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